Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Mar 22, 2013

March 22, 2013 

Kennewick General Hospital

ANGUIANO -- Doris and Luiz, Kennewick, boy, March 8.

NELSON -- Jennifer and Braden, Kennewick, girl, March 10.

ARMSTRONG -- Andrea and Aaron Dennison, Kennewick, girl, March 11.

NAVARRETE SOLIS -- Sarahi and Miguel Gutierrez, Kennewick, girl, March 11.

BULOW -- Brandy and Jon Murphy, Kennewick, boy, March 11.

CRAWFORD -- Shandee and Ricky Scull, Burbank, boy, March 12.

SMITH -- Mallory and Leo Gerhard, Kennewick, girl, March 12.

RAMOS -- Denise, Kennewick, girl, March 14.

STOUT -- Julie and William, Kennewick, boy, March 15.

GODINEZ -- Ethel and Erasmo, Pasco, girl, March 16.

QASE -- Kamilo and Hire Abdi, Kennewick, girl, March 16.

GARCIA-YEPEZ -- Cecilia, Pasco, girl, March 17.

CAVAZOS -- Kelsey, Kennewick, boy, March 19.

MUNGIUIA -- Audreyanna, Pasco, boy, March 18.

MORRIS -- Krystle and Marcus Burleson, Richland, boy, March 18.

REDWING -- Shephanie and Jacob, Richland, boy, March 19.

ALVISO -- Irais and Ramon, Pasco, boy, March 19.

PANTOJA -- Ruth, Kennewick, girl, March 20.

GARCIA -- Monica and Jerome Chaney, Kennewick, girl, March 20.

BARRETT -- Melinda and Vicente Martinez, Kennewick, boy, March 20.

MORALES -- Alma and Jose Sandoval, Pasco, girl, March 20.

BELL -- Cheryl and Isaac, Benton City, boy, March 21.

MO -- Mee and Mew Sagray, Kennewick, boy, March 21.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

BEAULAURIER -- Morgan and Kyle, Kennewick, twin boys, March 8.

DIAZ -- Terecita and Adrian Hernandez, Pasco, girl, March 8.

CAMACHO-MARTINEZ -- Maria, Pasco, boy, March 8.

FAIRFIELD -- Shirley and Randy, Pasco, girl, March 9.

KNOKE -- Monica and Paul, Pasco, girl, March 11.

GRAVES -- Natalie and Ryan, Kennewick, girl, March 13.

KESO -- Shannon and Samuel Niemi, Pasco, boy, March 14.

DIRK -- Tracey and Jason, Richland, boy, March 14.

TOWNSEND -- Sara and Michael, Kennewick, boy, March 17.

MORSE -- Angelina and Edgar Garnica, Pasco, girl, March 18.

WHITECRANE -- Jennifer and Brandon, Kennewick, girl, March 18.

BARRERAS -- Yasmeen and Emanuel Quiroz, Pasco, girl, March 19.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

OLIVERA -- Xiomara and Dru Brumley, Prosser, boy, March 14.

CHAPMAN -- Felicia and Kalvin, Prosser, boy, March 14.

EFTERFIELD -- Amanda and Kelvin, Pasco, boy, March 15.

ESLICK -- Tia and Jason Moser, Pasco, girl, March 16.

PRICE -- Jodi and Derek, Pasco, girl, March 17.

CAPETILLO -- Claudia and Domotello Johnson, Kennewick, boy, March 17.

ALLEN -- Theresa and Eduardo Martinez, Burbank, girl, March 17.

LACY -- Roberta and Kipp Hudson, Richland, boy, March 18.

CHRISTENSON -- Katie and Conrad, Richland, boy, March 18.

GARZA -- Amy and David Jr., Othello, boy, March 18.

Walla Walla General Hospital

PACHECO -- Veronica and Oscar, Walla Walla, boy, March 18.

GARCIA -- Krista and Lorenza, Walla Walla, boy, March 15.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

GALVAN -- Diana and Jorge Zavala, Hermiston, boy, March 14.

MORALES -- Claudia and Armando Rodriguez, Umatilla, boy, March 15.

RICHMAN -- Robin and Trevor Richman, Hermiston, girl, March 15.

DURAN GIL -- Llina and Jesus De la Cruz Estrada, Umatilla, girl, March 18.

SEAVEY -- Allison and Erik, Hermiston, girl, March 19.

ARRITT -- Karley and Kollan, Hermiston, girl, March 20.

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