Letter: Banning assault rifles first step on road to banning shotguns

March 22, 2013 

I'm writing in response to recent letters by Bob Allen and Tony Schouviller.

Allen is correct: The Second Amendment wasn't written by God's fiery finger; it was written by men feeling divine guidance, and they wrote the document so it could be modified.

It's called a constitutional amendment. Use it! Stop ignoring our founding documents; they created individual liberty and self-governance.

Using Schouviller's "logic," I paraphrased what Pastor Martin Niemller said regarding Nazi Germany's terror: "First they came for the assault rifles, and I said nothing because I could see no use of them for hunting, and besides, I didn't own one. Then they came for the semi-auto pistols, and I said nothing because I didn't own one. Then they came for the revolver, and I said nothing because all I owned was a shotgun. Then they came after the shotgun and there was nobody left to protest."

That is our near future if we allow these bans to be enacted into "law"!

LEON HOWARD, West Richland

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