Chiawana presents 'Charlotte's Web'

Herald staffMarch 22, 2013 

Chiawana High School's spring production is the favorite classic children's tale Charlotte's Web, opening March 22 in the high school auditorium.

"All the enchanting characters are here," director Todd Westendorf said in a news release.

That includes the lovable barnyard animals, as well as the farm family, Avery and Fern Arable, their parents John and Martha and uncle Homer and aunt Edith.

Fern is played by Carryn Slage, a junior, and the adorable pig, Wilbur, will be portrayed by junior Sam York.

The beloved spider, Charlotte, will be played by Haley Weis, a senior who has been with the high school's drama group since she was a freshman.

She was a member of the troupe that performed last year in Scotland at the American High School Theatre Festival. Weis plans to study theater arts at Central Washington University starting this fall.

Charlotte's Web, first published in 1952, was written by E.B. White. The stage play, however, was written by Joseph Robinette working under the advice of White. The Children's Literature Association named it the best American children's book of the past 200 years.

Robinette collaborated with White to create the stage version of the tale of the barnyard friendship in which a spider tries to keep a pig from being slaughtered.

Robinette created an adaptation that "at once lends itself to practical theatrical presentation while staying true to the story and characters that young readers have come to love," said school officials.

The costumes were created by Verna Schwilke, who has designed costumes for many Tri-City stage productions.

Other cast members are Kyle Bishop and Orinda Luke, both freshmen, as John and Martha Arable, and Jason Hopkins and Melissa Arechiga, both juniors, as Homer and Edith Zuckerman.

Michael Simleness, a senior, plays Avery; Trent Iceberg, a freshman, is Lurvy; Elyssa Nelson, a senior, is Templeton; Destiny Towery, a freshman, is Goose; Taylor Storaci, a senior, is Gander; Hannah Sullivan, a sophomore, is Sheep; and Natasha Jensen, a freshman, is Lamb.

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