Thankful Thursday: Pet-Overpopulation Prevention helps special animals

March 21, 2013 

Pet-Overpopulation Prevention (POPP) is a nonprofit organization that rescues stray and abused dogs and cats and helps them find permanent homes, also known as "forever homes."

In addition, POPP works with veterinarians to have the animals spayed or neutered. Their spay and neuter programs insure that the number of unwanted animals will be reduced.

Two years ago, my family adopted Roxy, a border-collie-German-Shepard-newfoundland mix from POPP. Roxy was abused, had Lyme disease and was tied to a dining room table as a puppy. No animal should ever have to suffer like that. Roxy was brought to POPP, where she was treated, spayed and taught manners. We were lucky enough to be Roxy's forever home.

Roxy is a joy in my life and is the same sweet and happy dog as she was two years ago when we adopted her. She changed my view about dogs and the animal kingdom. I want to thank POPP for all the work they do and for helping these special animals receive the love, care and forever homes they deserve. I also urge anyone considering adding a pet to their home to contact POPP first.



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