Letter: Teens need time to discover their passion

March 20, 2013 

The saying for children of today is, "Our time is now," right? Well, what about the future?

Teens in the 21st century grow up knowing they will eventually move out, go to college and find a job in a field they love, which will in turn support them for the future. But what if what they love isn't going to make them big bucks for the years to come?

Students in consumer economics classes go through the whole rehearsed speech about "Do what you love!" and "Find a job that suits you!" But what if neither of those things can be applied to the future work force?

It is a fact that college students change their major about seven times throughout their college experience, so doesn't that not only mean that what they have a passion for changes but also that what they think will be needed in the future shifts? The future of jobs plays such a significant part in the world of children and teens that there shouldn't be such a heavy burden on them because in time they will find what makes them successful.


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