Letter: Why take gun options away from law-abiding citizens?

March 20, 2013 

Why do we refuse to learn from our past actions? President Bill Clinton proved to us in the 1990s that limiting the number of rounds in magazines doesn't reduce crime. Putting President Obama's new regulations in place seems like a slippery slope. Are we going to take guns away from law-abiding Americans and leave us defenseless?

If a cougar is in my backyard, attacking my dog or a young child, I want to be able to protect them. If I don't hit the cougar on the first shot and my clip isn't full, I don't want to have to worry about re-loading when a life is on the line.

Criminals will still have access to guns and large clips, illegal or not, just like they have access to drugs. Illegal as they are, drugs are still everywhere. It doesn't stop the people who want them from getting ahold of them. The same will hold true for guns.

All gun control does is leave us law-abiding citizens without protection. If a criminal has the right to attack me in my own home, I have the right to defend myself according to the Second Amendment. I doubt the Constitution intended for criminals to have the power.


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