Letter: Juvenile, ignorant group running Congress

March 19, 2013 

We seem to have a juvenile or ignorant congressional group.

We are short of money for U.S. citizens yet give aid to more than 150 countries.

Attorney General Eric Holder still won't accept responsibility for shipping arms to Mexican cartels.

At least loyalty oaths for Congress would make them admit lying to us.

Congress ignorantly thinks guns cause crime. It is really lack of ethics -- as if they should know this.

Columnist Paul Krugman mocked idea of death panels but now admits he is for them. We have a strange political acceptance.

Congress wants more gun laws but won't enforce the present ones. Why don't they check with England, Australia, Switzerland, etc., for relation of crime to guns?

Former Congressman Norm Dicks says he deserves his huge lifetime pension. Did he really read the bills he voted for but let his paid staff write?

President Obama seems to support enemy nations (arming) yet continually damages our economy. What is the reason or justification? Do not think environment. These are a few of my most unfavorite things to ponder!


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