Letter: Why continue foreign aid when there's not enough money for Americans

March 19, 2013 

No foreign aid

I was reading the March 4 article, "U.S. to give $190 million to Egypt," to help pay its bills and to do more in the future.

The picture in the paper showed Secretary of State John Kerry shaking hands with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who had a big smile on his face. I'm glad he is smiling because American taxpayers sure don't have a smile on their faces.

Am I the only one who is wondering why our government is giving away money to other countries while at the same time cutting jobs here in the United States? Our government is talking about a shutdown because it can't figure out how to pay our bills. I think it's time to stop giving money to other countries and use that money to take care of Americans.

JAMES FOSS, Kennewick

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