Letter: Political parties focus on power, not helping American people

March 19, 2013 

Our Congress and president have completely failed in their responsibilities to the American people. It does not matter which political party they belong to, they have all failed the American people.

Both political parties have no regard for the American citizens they are supposed to represent. The political parties are so focused on power and greed they have no regard for the people of this country. There is absolutely no reason for sequestration aside from the entire Congress and the president are inept selfish imbeciles.

Every member of Congress should be run out of town. We need a new political organization that will represent the American citizen instead of professional politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups.

Why are we giving billions away to our enemies and putting our own people out of work by sequestration? It is time for anything other than the Democratic and Republican parties. Both parties are broken and corrupt and no longer care about the American citizen.


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