Letter: Why should employees have to learn Spanish?

March 17, 2013 

Where am I? I am by no means a racist. My father is full-blooded Puerto Rican, I was raised in Pasco and a lot of my dearest and closest friends are Hispanic, black and Asian.

However, this is America, not Mexico. I'm sick and tired of reading employment ads stating that one of the main criteria for being considered for employment is you must be bilingual.

You can bet you're boots, if I was in Mexico or even Spain for that matter, the job requirements wouldn't read "Must be able to read, write and speak English."

My father was regular Army, and when my parents were stationed overseas, especially in France, if they didn't speak their language, know the laws and knew nothing about the country, customs and ways, they were not wanted there, and according to my parents, residents of the country strongly made it known.

I love all people, but for crying out loud, this is going from bad to worse. I am really curious, is the test for U.S. Citizenship written in Spanish? To all the employers of this great country, wake up! This is America, not Mexico. You're not helping, just hindering.


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