Letter: Pentagon is code for war profiteers

March 17, 2013 

Do you know what the Pentagon actually is? The Pentagon houses our military heads, the war instigators, the generals and the Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon is not in our Constitution.

The president of the United States does not control the Pentagon. Our tax dollars pay for the Pentagon and the salaries of the people who work there. The weapons company heads are often former generals who then go back to the Pentagon to sell their weapons systems back to their former partners in war planning, using our tax money.

A business relationship already is established between the general who is a former war planner who becomes a purchaser of weapons for the military heads in the Pentagon.

Who does control the Pentagon? Why are we constantly going to war? The wealthiest individuals in the world control the Pentagon, and the wars, and as United States citizens and taxpayers, we are paying for it and they are getting rich off of the blood of our soldiers and the "other people" who are killed in war.

I hope our senators will examine the facts and keep planned Pentagon budget cuts.


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