2 men face trials in alleged Pasco shooting

By Kristin M. Kraemer, Herald staff writerMarch 16, 2013 

Two men face May 8 trials for allegedly shooting a Pasco man in the shoulder during a failed kidnapping attempt.

Manuel Juan Preciado and Salvador Garcia both were armed with handguns early Feb. 27 when they confronted the victim outside his apartment, court documents said.

The suspects intended to force Ramon Jaimes-Galvez into their pickup and hold him for ransom because he owes Preciado a large amount of money, but the plan went awry when the victim realized what was happening and fought off his attackers, documents said.

After Jaimes-Galvez was injured, Preciado and Garcia drove off, but they were tracked down later by Pasco police based on witness identifications.

Preciado, 36, and Garcia, 38, both pleaded innocent in Franklin County Superior Court to one count each of first-degree assault and attempted first-degree kidnapping.

Preciado's assault charge includes the special allegation that a gun was used in the crime. If convicted, it could lead to a longer sentence for the Finley man.

According to court documents, Jaimes-Galvez was in his South Owen Avenue apartment with his fiancee and two others when someone knocked on the front door. Jaimes-Galvez, 31, answered it and went outside to talk to the person.

A short time later, his fiancee and friends heard one shot and looked out the window to see Jaimes-Galvez down on his hands and knees in the grass, documents said.

The apartment's maintenance man reportedly saw the shooting and rushed to Jaimes-Galvez's aid, while his fiancee ran outside and recognized Preciado running toward a parked gray Ford truck, court documents said. Preciado allegedly got in the driver's seat and sped down the alley toward East A Street.

Jaimes-Galvez was driven by his friends to Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco, which called police at 11:20 a.m. to say a man with a gunshot wound to his shoulder was in the emergency room.

After the fiancee named Preciado as the alleged shooter, officers put together a photo montage including his picture and showed it to the maintenance man. He didn't hesitate to pick Preciado as the man he saw get out of the truck, confront Jaimes-Galvez and start fighting with him before firing one round from a semi-automatic pistol, documents said.

The witness added that he got a good look at Preciado because the suspect, as he ran toward his truck, looked back at Jaimes-Galvez and yelled something at him.

The day after the shooting, Jaimes-Galvez talked to Detective Scott Warren and reportedly identified Garcia as the man who was with Preciado.

Warren and Detective Brad Gregory contacted Garcia on March 6 at his Pasco home.

Garcia allegedly admitted that they planned to lure Jaimes-Galvez from his home, force him at gunpoint into the truck and take him because of the owed debt.

Garcia said after being dropped off in the nearby alley, he knocked on Jaimes-Galvez's front door and got him to come outside, court documents said. The two men were talking when Preciado rushed toward Jaimes-Galvez and got into an argument with the victim before pulling out his .45-caliber pistol, documents said.

Garcia reportedly admitted that he knew taking someone by force was against the law.

Preciado and Garcia both are in jail on $500,000 bail. They're ordered to have no contact with Jaimes-Galvez while their cases are pending.

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