Letter: GOP lawmakers should listen to Republicans who support new gun-control measures

March 15, 2013 

Gun control

As a liberal, it is unlikely I will vote for any Republicans, regardless of their voting record on gun control. That isn't news. But they should be concerned with the large number of voters in their own party and the vast majority of National Rifle Association members who agree that new gun control legislation is needed.

If the Republican base perceives that candidates stand in the way of a safer world for themselves and their children, they will turn on them.

Republican politicians who vote against sensible gun control measures can count on the NRA to fund their campaigns but not to supply them with votes.

In the last election, campaigns financially supported by the NRA failed. An "A" rating from the NRA will not get you elected any more. Oh, and I am a life member of the NRA.

Here is my advice to Republican politicians: Do the right thing, and support steps that will keep the wrong people from getting their hands on weapons. Close the gun show loophole, and punish straw purchasers. It is as simple as that. There are other steps that could be taken, but you don't have to support gun confiscation to earn most people's respect. Stand behind your vote, and don't stand behind the NRA.

IVAR HUSA, Richland

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