Letter: Obama accelerates loony-liberal left agenda

March 15, 2013 

President "Armageddon" Obama doubles-down to retain his "worst-president-ever" title (his initial term being the worst to date).

Obama's first Cabinet resigned in disgrace and replacements are abysmal extreme left-wing radicals.

Everywhere Hillary Clinton muddled is a disaster -- the Muslim Brotherhood is on the march and America is in retreat (Libya, Egypt, Mali, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China and more)!

John Kerry, an anti-American war protester who has been wrong on every major issue in the past 40 years and generally siding with thuggish Communist and Islamist regimes and environmental wackos, is secretary of state!

Chuck Hagel (an incompetent anti-Israel, pro-Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, unilateral disarmament supporter, North Korea appeaser) is secretary of defense!

Jack Lew (a Forest Gump failure at bailed-out Citigroup with undisclosed astronomical "compensation," an New York University executive at a time the school was getting student-loan "kickbacks" from Cititgroup and an investor in a Cayman Islands tax haven) is treasury secretary!

Uninhibited by another election and in defiance of his oath of office to execute laws and defend the Constitution, Obama accelerates the entire divisive loony-liberal-left agenda: economy-wrecking over-spending/tax-hiking/hyper-borrowing/unemploying/ regulat-ing/inflating/minimum-waging/ criminal-releasing, ineffective gun control, amnesty, religious persecution, women in combat, global-warming, gay Scoutmasters/marriage, illegal appointments, Big Brother warrantless censorship and surveillance ...


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