Track and field: Casper, Korrell, Spencer lead Connell in Ephrata Icebreaker

March 14, 2013 

Connell’s Tanner Casper won two individual events, took second in another and ran on a winning relay in the Ephrata Icebreaker, the Eagles’ first meet of the season.

Casper won the 300 hurdles in 41.75 seconds and the high jump, clearing 5 feet, 10 inches. He was second in the 100 meters in 11.59, and he ran the opening leg on the winning 4x400 relay (3:39.77).

Shanda Korrell and Rashae Spencer each won two individual events and a relay for the Connell girls.

Korrell won the 100 (13.43) and the 200 (27.52), while Spencer won the 400 (1:01.16) and the high jump (4-10). Both were on the winning 4x400 relay, which won in 4:29.77.

At Ephrata High

Winners and top local in top 8


100—1. Chance Flanigan, Ephrata, 11.54; 2. Tanner Casper, Connell, 11.59. 200—1. Chance Flanigan, Ephrata, 23.73; 2. Colton Thornton, Connell, 23.91. 400—1. Colton Thornton, Connell, 54.24. 800—1. Kieran Rolfe, Ephrata, 2:12.63; 7. Josiah Kroontje, Connell, 2:26.6. 1,600—1. Kieran Rolfe, Ephrata, 4:52.63; 8. Josiah Kroontje, Connell, 5:24.87. 3,200—1. Bergen Eskildsen, Connell, 13:09.88. 110H—1. Nicholas Lobe, Ephrata, 18.63. 300H—1. Tanner Casper, Connell, 41.75. 4x100 relay—1. Ephrata, 45.43. 4x400 relay—1. Connell (Tanner Casper, Carter Chase, Riley Lyle, Colton Thornton), 3:39.77. HJ—1. Tanner Casper, Connell, 5-10. PV—1. Isaac Matus, Ephrata, 12-6. LJ—1. Dekker Lovitt, Ephrata, 19-10; 2. Riley Lyle, Connell, 19-5.5. TJ—1. Dekker Lovitt, Ephrata, 38-0. Shot—1. Braiden Whitby, Connell, 41-2.5. Dis—1. Braiden Whitby, Connell, 116-9. Jav—Justin Allen, Ephrata, 139-1.


100—1. Shanda Korrell, Connell, 13.43. 200—1. Shanda Korrell, Connell, 27.52. 400—1. Rashae Spencer, Connell, 1:01.16. 800—1. Madeline Clawson, Connell, 2:40.03. 1,600—1. Amy Hilliard, Ephrata, 6:02.27; 6. Alanta Keskitalo, Connell, 6:36.32. 3,200—1. Alanta Keskitalo, Connell, 15:00.64. 100H—1. Brittany Harris, Ephrata, 17.49; 8. Cassie Riner, Connell, 21.03. 300H—1. Samantha Kleyn, Quincy, 50.42; 2. Madison Riner, Connell, 51.59. 4x100 relay—1. Connell (Maria Enriquez, Britne Landis, Adely Martinez, Carolina Martinez), 54.45. 4x200 relay—1. Ephrata, 2:02.34. 4x400 relay—1. Connell (Shanda Korrell, Rashae Spencer, Madison Riner, Madeline Clawson), 4:29.77. HJ—1. Rashae Spencer, Connell, 4-10. PV—1. Elizabeth Nelson, Quincy, 7-0. LJ—1. Samantha Kleyn, Quincy, 14-7.5; 2. Madison Riner, Connell, 14-5.5. TJ—1. Karlee Etter, Ephrata, 30-8. Shot—1. Marissa Brooks, Soap Lake, 29-11. Dis—1. Alexis Nickel, Soap Lake, 74-4. Jav—1. Sarah Pheasant, Ephrata, 95-6.

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