Thankful Thursday: Laurel Piippo discovers kindness close to home

March 14, 2013 

I'm grateful not to have lost my mind completely -- just the top section -- and glad it's never too late to say, "Thank you."

Last March 16, my credit card slipped to the floor of the Dial-a-Ride bus. Driver David Thomas (former student) found it and turned it in before I realized the loss. Transit company officials mailed it back before major panic struck me.

The same thing happened when I forgot my billfold after buying stamps. I retraced my steps to Densow Drug, where sales clerk Conner Kelly found and shelved it until a Monday when I asked if anyone found it. (Conner's aunt is a friend.)

Last week, while leaving Fred Meyer's parking lot, I realized my purse was gone. Nancy Murray, longtime acquaintance, found it in a grocery cart and met me, headed for customer service, before they contacted me by phone.

Honest, decent people, locals going about ordinary chores, take time for kindness to an elderly lady good at history but with terrible short-term memory problems.

This year on the Dial-a-Ride to the Neurological Center fundraiser party March 8, I'll keep track of my charge card.


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