Letter: Abortion is a war against ourselves

March 13, 2013 

In 1973, the world saw the start of one of the greatest wars the human race has ever witnessed. It wasn't nation against nation or massive war machine or even political ideologies, but against ourselves.

The war is not over but rages ever on still today. The casualty rate continues to climb as the killing fields grow by about one million a year.

Compassion is not known in this war, nor is it encouraged. No prisoners taken, no mercy shown as the indifference spreads. Eyes closed to the silent holocaust.

As the struggle between right and wrong fights on, the more innocent ones get caught up in the crossfire. Collateral damage has no bounds. Pride and envy are the catalyst used in our self-annihilation, which has produced the 55 million that have perished as a result of the 1973 abortion ruling because somebody has a right.

America's moral and ethical character was lost and our integrity greatly diminished. It is the systematic destruction of the next generation with the unglorified remains not even being afforded a proper burial, but thrown into the trash bin of human waste and their names known only but to God.


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