Letter: Wording in gun-control bill raises questions about true intent

March 11, 2013 

After contacting legislators regarding the included sentence in SB 5737, "Assault weapons legally owned when the bill is enacted must be safely stored and may be inspected by the sheriff once a year," I was informed that sentence had been inserted by mistake. Was it a "mistake" when included or just because it was caught? No wonder some folks are skeptical about the true goal of "gun control" legislation.

The question remains, if SB 5737 will not prevent events similar to the recent shootings that gained so much national media attention, why is legislative time and money being spent on it? Such legislation provides a false sense of security (similar to "gun free zones") without affecting the underlying causes. I recall hearing a member of the legal community state the reason for gun free zones was to make it easier to prosecute someone who violated it since it obviously would not prevent anyone with a gun from entering.

JIM DAVISON. Waitsburg

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