Letter: Poor driving habits appear to be on the rise in Tri-Cities

March 11, 2013 

After almost getting hit by a driver who was talking on her phone, I have to wonder why so many drivers believe that laws are only in effect when one is caught.

I believe most drivers in the Tri-Cities are by and large careful. But I guess I must have missed when so many laws must have changed. Judging from what I see, you no longer have to stop at a stop sign when turning right. You do not have to drive in the right lane, it is OK to block the left lane, and you can drive 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit.

Also, it is apparently now OK to use your telephone for all those important calls, such as meet me for coffee or lunch. And in traffic circles, you can be the one who is always first, the heck with the other guy. And of course, be sure to run that yellow light.

Now I am sure that I am the not only one concerned about all these things, but if everyone would try to practice what they learned in drivers education, we would all be better off.

BOB DREEWES, Kennewick

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