Letter: 'Evil' government as justification for owning assault-style weapon is mind-blowing concept

March 11, 2013 

It truly blows my mind to see how many Tri-Citians have submitted letters claiming they need their assault weapons to protect themselves from an "evil" government. They must be very paranoid and deluded if they believe the federal government will go bad and decide to descend upon law-abiding citizens with its military might, and their assault weapons have a chance against F-35 super fighters and tanks. My advice is it would be a lot more effective for you to get involved in electing someone whom you trust.

I am also amazed by the number of letters stating what a horrible job our president is doing in managing our national debt. This is certainly the rallying cry of the Tea Party. But where were those concerned citizens when our second President Bush inherited a budget surplus and then added $4 trillion to our national debt by the end of his presidency by lowering taxes for the wealthy and sending troops to Iraq for dubious reasons.

A debt which is incurred by reducing income through tax cuts is not better than one that is incurred through increased spending. It is well documented that increased federal spending creates jobs.

ROB GOHD, Kennewick

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