Boy, 16, charged for stabbing teen in Kennewick park

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldMarch 9, 2013 

A 16-year-old boy was charged as an adult Friday for allegedly stabbing a rival gang member 12 times with a knife while the other teen was hanging out in a Kennewick park.

Donaven Xavier Tabor will appear Monday in Benton County Superior Court on one count of first-degree assault. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

The case automatically was bumped up to adult court because of Tabor's age and the severity of the charge.

According to police and court documents, Antonio Aguilar and a 13-year-old boy were in Eastgate Park last Saturday afternoon when two "kids" approached them.

Aguilar, 16, reportedly told officers that he had been playing basketball and didn't know the two teens who came up to them.

The suspects came into the park on a bicycle -- with Tabor riding on the rear wheel pegs -- and began using derogatory names for Aguilar's gang, documents said. Aguilar told the suspects that the younger teen was not a gang member.

The 13-year-old ran away while Aguilar tried to go another direction, but the assailants pulled his sweatshirt over his head and repeatedly stabbed him, court documents said. The teens then left.

Aguilar walked home and his brother, after seeing his injuries, immediately drove him to Kennewick General Hospital.

He was treated at 5:30 p.m. in the emergency room for stab wounds to his back, stomach and arm, documents said.

His injuries were not life-threatening.

Kennewick police used Aguilar's description of his attackers and the gang terms they used to identify Tabor, who lives near the park. Tabor is on Selective Aggressive Probation with Juvenile Court and was known by his probation counselor to be associated with a criminal street gang, documents said.

Tabor's relatives allegedly told officers that the teen had been at a friend's home that day and, after coming home about 10 p.m., went directly to the bathroom to wash something off his red shirt.

Relatives believed it was blood.

Tabor later was questioned about a folding knife found in his clothes and told his family that it belonged to a friend. It later disappeared and Tabor claimed he had returned it, court documents said. He is not allowed to have weapons as part of his probation.

A motorist who was in the neighborhood when two males ran in front of his car was shown a photo montage and picked a different person, not Tabor, as one of the suspects. However, the younger teen identified Tabor as being at there, documents said.

Aguilar, when shown the same group of pictures, reportedly refused to identify his attacker because he's "not a snitch," documents said.

Deputy Prosecutor Kristin McRoberts told the Herald on Friday that a second person has not been charged and the investigation continues.

Tabor was booked into the Benton-Franklin juvenile detention center. However, because he's now charged as an adult, he's expected to be moved to the Benton County jail.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at 586-8477 or go to

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