Athletes of the Week for March 9, 2013

March 8, 2013 

Girls: Sira Toure, Jr., Kamiakin

After losing their state basketball opener to Seattle Prep, the Braves were determined not to go 0-2 for a second year in a row.

Toure led the charge, scoring 26 points in an elimination-game victory over Mercer Island and 21 in the fourth-place game against University.

“All I was focused on — and my team was focused on — was winning, not how many points we scored,” she said.

Kamiakin coach Lane Schumacher had watched Toure flourish over the last month of the season, and it carried over into the state tournament.

“She really finished off those last two games with a strong performance,” Schumacher said. “It was nice to cap that off with a fourth-place finish.”

Toure was happy to send her senior teammates, Courtney Nelson and Makayla Guice, off with a trophy.

“I saw Courtney crying, Makayla crying — that was my favorite moment,” she said. “It was crazy especially seeing Courtney Nelson cry. You don’t see that ever, actually.”


• Favorite food: Chicken fettuccine

• Favorite nonsport activity: Shopping

• Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

• Most like to meet (living or dead): President Obama

• Favorite class: Math

• Pregame ritual: I always eat an orange.

• Must-have on the road: My older sister, Khadidja (now at Oregon State), gave me a necklace that says “Love.” I take it off right before we play.

• Favorite movie: Coach Carter

• Favorite TV show: Psych

• Last book read (not for school): Maximum Ride by James Patterson

• Favorite musicians: Kanye West, Alicia Keys, B.o.B, Beyoncé

• Career plans: Not something artistic. Maybe engineering.

• Favorite court: Tacoma Dome. It’s just awesome to be there. When you get there, you can’t believe you have a chance to win state.

• With $100 in a mall, where do you go?: Forever 21

• Favorite restaurant: Chinese Buffet

• Dream vacation: Africa

• Favorite place: San Diego

• Million dollars: I would just donate it to charity. I don’t need the money.

• What she likes most about playing basketball: The competition out there and just wanting to beat them.

Boys: Steven Beo, Fr., Richland

Beo made a splash at the state basketball tournament, as The Seattle Times named him one of the top freshmen in Tacoma.

He made three 3-pointers and scored 14 points in a quarterfinal loss to Arlington. The whole team struggled in an elimination-game loss to Central Valley of Spokane — Beo had three points — but the young guard said the Bombers were better for making the trip to state.

“We grew really close as a team,” Beo said. “We spent all day together, hung out together.”

Few freshmen can say they got to contribute in a state tournament, but Beo made the most of his opportunity.

“Just knowing what it’s like to play in that big of an arena with so many people watching, the high intensity of the game, the physicality,” he said. “That side of the state plays a whole different game than this side of the state. They’re more run and gun, and we like to execute the offense more.”

Playing at state will be beneficial for Beo down the road, as the Bombers are losing four seniors.

“I definitely believe I’ll be able to make a bigger impact next year with the experience I gained this year,” he said.


• Favorite food: Italian

• Favorite athlete: Kevin Durant

• Most like to meet (living or dead): Michael Jordan

• Sports highlight/memory: Hit a buzzer-beater to win an AAU championship game in Bellevue

• Favorite class: Weights with coach Earl Streufert

• Pregame ritual: Prayer to himself

• Any unusual talents?: I would consider myself a fairly good cook. (Breakfast is his specialty.) I like to cook waffles and egg tortillas with cheese and bacon, a little sausage off to the side.

• Must-have on the road: Pack of Red Vines

• Favorite movie: Anything with Will Ferrell. I’m a big Will Ferrell fan.

• Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead. My friend got me hooked on that.

• Last book read (not for school): Hope Unseen by Scotty Smiley and Doug Crandall

• Best song on your iPod: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore

• Career plans: Go to college for engineering degree

• Favorite court: Tacoma Dome

• Best advice from coach: “Take your shots, nothing forced. Let it come through you.” — Streufert

• With $100 in a mall, where do you go?: Champs Sports

• Favorite restaurant: Red Robin

• Dream vacation: Italy

• Favorite place: Went to San Diego with his AAU team

• Million dollars: Save it and put it in a bank

• Why he plays basketball: My dad, Tony, played it when he was in high school (at Pasco) and through college, and he was pretty good, and he helped me through the years, and it developed my love of it.

• What he likes most about basketball: Everything. I just love the game so much.

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