Former Mid-Columbia Libraries director fired from Arizona job


The former head of the Mid-Columbia Libraries was fired this week as director of the Mohave County Library District in Arizona.

Danielle Krol, who was fired in May 2010 as the executive director of the Mid-Columbia Libraries after six years, was on paid administrative leave in Arizona since Feb. 21, according to a story in the News-Herald in Lake Havasu City.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved firing Krol after she stood up at Monday's meeting and read a letter, said the News-Herald.

After the meeting, a deputy county attorney told the News-Herald that Krol's management style was causing chaos among employees.

The county had fielded about 17 reports from library employees and county library advisory board members, districtwide, noting unspecified concerns, reported the paper.

"The Library District Advisory Board told us it was important to get her out of there," said Deputy County Attorney Bill Eckstrom.

During the meeting, county officials wouldn't elaborate on details of the allegations, said the News-Herald. In the past year, 29 of the district's 105 employees had retired, resigned or been fired, said the newspaper.

Similarly in the Tri-Cities, the reason for Krol's dismissal was not released to the public. But a Tri-City Herald investigation found she was fired after using the library district's attorney to draw up a more lucrative contract for herself.

Krol was looking to cut a deal for another five years as boss of about 130 employees at 11 branch libraries.

Emails obtained by the Herald through the state public records act after Krol left showed her exit was welcomed by some staff members, including one who called her a "visionary" and a "textbook bully."

In Mohave County this week, the county board of supervisors fired Krol during a public discussion of her handling of library employees, reported the News-Herald.

At the meeting, Krol read a letter saying she was about to be terminated based on allegations of a disgruntled employee who apparently was fired after being caught on video surveillance leaving a dead scorpion in Krol's in-box, said the newspaper.

"It is incredibly sad that the Mohave County Board of Supervisors does not support senior management and department heads when they are attacked by such unfounded allegations, rumors and gossip," read Krol.

The letter also likened the board to "backroom star chamber-like proceeding to solidify your opinions without ever really investigating the underlining basis for those opinions," reported the newspaper.

During the meeting, Supervisor Steve Moss told her, "Your comments have convinced me to go against you. Ms. Krol, you attacked us. If that's how you deal with people, well, that's my only observation."

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