Letter: Is devalued dollar answer to nation's debt crisis?

March 8, 2013 

My guess as to the reason our debt limit is being allowed to balloon is that the plan is to print enough worthless paper to cut the U.S. debt in half by lowering the value of the dollar.

Can you imagine how the countries we owe money will feel about the dollars they hold that are suddenly worth much less? It is a rather sneaky and not too honest of a way to pay one's debts.

It will certainly be a powerful method to force manufacturing to return home. Our goods will instantly become much cheaper than our competitor's goods. I bet our corporations and stock market will surge. But it will be very hard on the folks at home. It will be a kind of tax increase on all of us. I don't know any of the history of past currency devaluations but it sure will make life interesting.


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