Red Cross breakfast at TRAC honors 'real heroes'

March 7, 2013 



Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is putting others ahead of themselves.

That's the trait that unites the 13 people and businesses recognized by the American Red Cross Benton-Franklin Chapter at the "Real Heroes" breakfast today at the TRAC event center in Pasco.

The breakfast also serves as a fundraiser for the Tri-City Red Cross chapter to support its disaster relief and health and safety services.

This year's awards are:

w Adult Good Samaritan: the staff of Clearwater Collision and Towing for aiding a bicyclist trapped under a truck after a collision on Clearwater Avenue in December. Stan Berezovskiy and his co-workers rushed out with a car jack , then lifted the truck off of the bicyclist and provided first aid to the victim and the driver. The Kennewick Police Department gave credit to the staff of the business for freeing the bicyclist before emergency workers arrived.

w Good Neighbor: Jimmy Butcher for his positive attitude and dedication to volunteerism, including being a volunteer crossing guard, reading to first-graders and singing the national anthem at many local sporting events.

w Medical: anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Duey for saving the life of a 3-year-old girl who suffered a rare and life-threatening reaction to anesthesia during surgery.

w Community Organization: Lucy Dole for her work teaching jewelry beading classes to at-risk teens at the Juvenile Justice Center.

w Workplace Safety: Pat Lowery for giving first aid to a co-worker whose foot was punctured by a tire iron while changing a tire and suffered significant bleeding.

w Law Enforcement: Mavis Williams and Dana Crutchfield for obtaining and delivering a power wheelchair to a shooting victim.

w Fire Rescue: Scott McLellan for rescuing a drowning swimmer off the shore of Leslie Groves Park in Richland.

w Spirit of the Red Cross: Keith Taylor for his countless hours establishing Red Cross blood drives in the Tri-Cities that collected 662 units of blood that saved almost 2,000 lives.

w 911 Rescue: Arika Schienbein for talking a distraught mother whose 4-year-old son who had fallen from a second story window through CPR until emergency medical personnel could arrive.

w Animal Rescue: Carrie Adams for her work to transform the Connell dog pound into a safe, comfortable shelter for strays.

w Youth Good Samaritan: Devin Morasch for raising $3,659 for the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission's homeless shelter through chores, lemonade stands and small jobs.

w Blood Donation: Trey Scott for organizing blood drives while on the list for a heart and lung transplant and while recovering from his transplant surgery.

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