Thankful Thursday: Pasco vocalist competes in national competitions with help of many

March 7, 2013 

Singing their praises

Vanessa Vega and family are deeply grateful for the generous support we have been given so Vanessa may compete in two national vocal competitions.

We would like to thank our friends at First Lutheran Church in Pasco for sponsoring a spaghetti feed as a fundraiser. Many enthusiastic and kind people donated hours of their time and other resources to prepare a delicious dinner for more than 200 individuals.

Next, a special thanks to Patti Robertson, Vanessa's accompanist, who volunteered her time and devotes countless hours to promoting students all over the Tri-Cities.

Then there are our amazing work friends and associates at Tyson Foods and Columbia Basin College, as well as our dear family and friends. Also, a shout out to the owner of Amy's Bridal, who practically donated a performance dress for the national competitions! Oh, and the awesome folks at Shalom Church of Christ in Richland, you are so generous. We are humbled by those mentioned and more. What a fantastic community. Thank you so much.


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