Letter: Time to stop tolerating poor performance from elected leaders

March 6, 2013 

If we all were business owners, would we keep employees that could not or refused to perform as the job description required? If we allowed them to continue managing our business, is there any doubt that we soon would be out of business? Yet we have allowed our employees (elected representatives) to continue with gross mismanagement. The so called "can" has been kicked down the road by the Congress, Patty Murray's sub- committee and now again by the divided Congress.

Our debt, spending, unemployment, etc., is out of control, yet our representatives go home for recess. Is it time for term limits and/or removal of the employees that are unable to perform? Their lack of decision making certainly has no effect on their income or perks, but has a drastic effect on their employers (We, the people).

Now is the time to contact your representative and let them know we will not tolerate their poor job performance! As a side note inform your representative that an additional 10-cent gas tax increase, proposed by a Mercer Island representative, is a deal breaker between them and their employers.


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