Letter: Bike path on Kennewick side of river needs improvement

March 5, 2013 

I'm a middle school student and I like to ride my bike with my older brother and Dad. We used to live in Clarkston, Idaho, and enjoyed riding the river trail. Kennewick has a bike path through Columbia park but it is full of bumps, is too narrow, and has large cracks running through the asphalt. Instead of being a real bike path, it is part of the road which means cars pass by close.

I used to like riding along the river but now if I want to ride on a good path I have to drive to Pasco or Richland. Both cities provide wonderful river bike paths which are smooth and wide enough for people to pass each other with ease. There is also no danger of cars passing close by. I don't understand why Kennewick cannot provide the same type of path to its citizens as Richland and Pasco?

Kennewick needs a better bike/running path so its citizens can enjoy the beauty of the Columbia River in a safe manner. If Kennewick built a better path I would use it and I believe others would as well.


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