Letter: Writer disputes 'entitlement' claim of Social Security

March 5, 2013 

In 1972 when I was a freshman in high school, two things were required to work during the summer full time (40+ hours a week): a parental permission slip and a Social Security card.

The work permission slip was needed to work as a mechanic's helper. The Social Security card was needed to pay taxes and pay into a "retirement" account. At age 15, my counselor explained this will be a lifelong process. Thus began the deduction from each paycheck with a portion to Social Security. I have, as many others of my age group, continued to pay into this system.

How is it if you put a portion of each pay check in the bank it is called a savings accounts, yet when a portion is deducted for Social Security it is called an entitlement? It is only an entitlement if you have not paid in.


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