Letter: Reader talking trash near Kennewick

March 4, 2013 

I enjoy being able to go up to Owens Road, south of Kennewick, to target practice with my family. The landowners are kind enough to let people target practice on their land.

Trash is everywhere. People take televisions, computers, tires, bottles, cans, buckets, paint cans, fire extinguishers and more to shoot at and just leave it there when they are done.

People drop off bales of hay to put targets on, old mattresses, concrete and other garbage. They use the land like their own personal dumping ground. The garbage has blown all over the place.

There are thousands of empty brass and shotgun shells littering the ground in all directions. There is the carcass of an elk and the body of a mule deer buck that was shot, and his head has been removed.

I enjoy us being able go up to Owens Road and target practice, but I wouldn't be surprised if the landowners posted no trespassing signs and closed down the area to shooting. If it was my land, I would. I would be tired of looking at garbage and having to clean up my land.


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