Letters: What to do with unwanted cats?

March 3, 2013 

The trouble in the Tri-Cities is people who drop off an unwanted animal or junk.

What to do? This area does not have assistance to help people that cannot afford the services that are required. No help. Why not?

Removing cats from Columbia park cost you. They have been turned loose because it cost to much to take them to the vet. At times, the shelters won't take them.

So what about birds in the parks? At least the cats bury their business. Bird poop is all over the parks. Have you ever stepped on it and got it in your car?

People take their children there to feed the birds, so they breath the dusty ground that is covered with bird poop. Think about the diseases birds carry.

So keep the cats and get rid of those dirty birds. I feed many cats that people have left behind. I saved a cat from a shelter. Then I took in three more cats that came to my yard. I had them fixed and vaccinated. I tried to get a veterinarian to give me a discount. No way would they do that.

Everything in this area comes with a big price tag.


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