Fast Focus 'Should drug testing be required for welfare recipients?' Do the math

March 3, 2013 

My first reaction was absolutely! Then I read this:

-- number of welfare applicants tested for drugs in Arizona: 8,700.

-- number of positive tests: one

-- number of welfare applicants tested for drugs in Florida: 5,100

-- number of positive tests: 21

-- cost of drug testing: $42 per person

This means testing companies have been paid $5.8 million of our money in just two states, in order to stop 22 people from collecting a total of $0.4 million in welfare benefits, collectively.

Guess whose idea this was?

The test-welfare-recipients-for-drugs narrative is a disgusting lie designed to play on bigotry, fear of poverty, invalid stereotypes and greed. Stop buying into it. Stop looking for reasons to let good people starve and be homeless just so you can feel superior to them. All you are doing is making the rich more rich, at your expense.

I think that pretty much sums it up!


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