Refocus on farm labor shortage: Vista costs pennies

March 3, 2013 

Whenever there is discussion of improving Vista Field, the opposition loudly proclaims that it will raise taxes. Do you know just how much of your tax dollar is being spent on Vista Field? The answer is less than $1 per year for an average home.

According to the Port of Kennewick's 2009 Annual Report to the State Auditor's Office, "A $150,000 house in 2001 cost a taxpayer $66. That same house cost $51 in 2010." That same report lists expenditures on the airport operations as $50,255 out of a total operating cost on all programs of $3,051,940, which is consistent with the 10-year operating costs. That amounts to 1.6 percent of the port's budget being spent on the airport, meaning each taxpayer in a $150,000 home pays about $0.82 a year to support the airport. You are being taxed less than a dollar a year for the airport.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all of your tax money is being spent on Vista Field.


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