Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Mar 2, 2013

March 2, 2013 

AYALA -- Ana, Sunnyside, girl, Feb. 19.

MCGOWAN -- Lacy and Cody Hunsaker, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 21.

MAHER -- Laura, Pasco, girl, Feb. 22.

HAHN -- Melissa and Ryan, Othello, girl, Feb. 22.

DELAMORA -- Connie and Oscar, Pasco, girl, Feb. 22.

LARES -- Athziri and Juan Lares, Sunnyside, girl, Feb. 22.

APPRIOU -- Delphine and Alain Bonneville, Richland, boy, Feb. 22.

FARIAS -- Claudia and Ruben Gonzalez, Pasco, boy, Feb. 22.

LARIOS -- Yomara and Arturo Rincon, Pasco, boy, Feb. 22.

SOLANO -- Gudelia and Vicente Hurtado, Pasco, boy, Feb. 23.

VOLZ -- Marta and Dr. Jon, Grandview, boy, Feb. 23.

MURPHY -- Jessica and Shane, West Richland, boy, Feb. 23.

GODINO -- Amanda and Rueben, Pasco, boy, Feb. 23.

LEE -- Bethany and Robin Woo, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 23.

MADDISON -- Alicia and Jeffrey, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 23.

CRUZ -- Marisol and Fernando, Pasco, boy, Feb. 23.

MENDIOLA -- Juliette and Christopher Buchter, Richland, girl, Feb. 24.

BATALLA -- Iris and Paulino Juarez-Mojica, Pasco, girl, Feb. 24.

HALE -- Malesa and Stephen Mork, Richland, boy, Feb. 24.

BARBOSA -- Katia and Adelaido Salazar, Pasco, boy, Feb. 24.

BURKE -- Briana and Fredrick Anderson, Richland, boy, Feb. 24.

COOK -- Andrea and Seth, Grandview, girl, Feb. 25.

LONG -- Megan, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 25.

SEIBOLD -- Darci and Wes, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 25.

BURNSIDE -- Beatriz and Miguel Contreras, Pasco, boy, Feb. 25.

FISCHER -- Carissa and Kevin Becker, Richland, girl, Feb. 26.

SCHMELZER -- Dori and Matthew, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 26.

PINEDA -- Norma and Jaime Rodriguez, Pasco, girl, Feb. 26.

LANG -- Sara and Greg, Pasco, girl, Feb. 26.

CHARTRAND -- Jennifer and Paul, Pasco, girl, Feb. 26.

KVAMME -- Tamara, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 26.

ADI -- Nadima and Mostafa Taha, Richland, boy, Feb. 26.

EDWARDS -- Jaime and Tyler, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 26.

PORTILLO -- Maribel, Pasco, girl, Feb. 27.

MAGANA -- Blanca and Arnulfo Murilla, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 27.

WILLIAMS-STREGE -- Stephanie and Lance Strege, Hermiston, boy, Feb. 27.

RODRIGUEZ -- Glenda and Patrick, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 27.

HUGHES -- Stephannie and Jonathan, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 27.

MCCANN -- Kylee and Jason, Richland, boy, Feb. 27.

LAWTER -- Amanda and Cory, Richland, girl, Feb. 27.

MERAZ -- Maria and Jesus Larios, Pasco, boy, Feb. 27.

RIOJAS -- Alberta and Christian Ruesga, Pasco, boy, Feb. 28.

MARTINEZ -- Rebeca and Victor, Pasco, girl, Feb. 28.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

RANGEL -- Lovely and Juan, Pasco, boy, Feb. 20.

LANE -- Miranda and Robert, West Richland, boy, Feb. 20.

ARMENTA -- Karina and Jose Gomez, Pasco, boy, Feb. 24.

SHANNON -- Jillian and Robert, Hermiston, boy, Feb. 25.

CHAVEZ -- Andrea and Jesus Mendoza, Pasco, girl, Feb. 25.

MILLER -- Jacklyn and Michael Pack, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 25.

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