Letter: Reader vows to fight decision to drop wrestling from Olympic games

March 1, 2013 

The International Olympics Committee, meeting in secret session, has declared that wrestling will be dropped as an Olympic sport effective in the summer games of 2020.

I declare, openly, that the IOC should be dropped on their collective heads. This decision is outrageous.

Wrestling! It was one of the original Olympic sports when the Greeks created the games in 776 BC. Wrestling! It's a tradition going back 2,789 years

To be replaced by what? We've already got ping pong, pubescent girls dancing with ribbons and synchronized swimming, for crying out loud!

How many more foo-foo sports do we need before we have turned the Olympics into a completely inconsequential commercial event. This is an affront to civilization.

This decision will be reversed, or I will devote my life to organizing boycotts of every commercial enterprise that dares to offer financial support to the Olympics.


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