Thankful Thursday: Bill McCurley shares prize money with social service agency

February 28, 2013 

Sharing the reward

All of us at Catholic Family & Child Service want to express our thanks to Bill McCurley and his wife, Victoria.

As you may know, McCurley was selected as the Time Magazine Auto Dealer of the Year for Washington. It comes as no surprise to us that this man who generously gives to the community would also give so completely to his patrons and team at McCurley.

He chose us to share the prize money. In the words of our clients:

"I thank and appreciate that I have one constant in my life through the counseling program, thanks to the support of individuals like you," wrote an 18-year-old male who has spent most of his life in foster care.

"I have received guidance and resources for my family after living through some abusive situations and am thankful that my children now have a much brighter future," said Pat, a mother helped by this donation

"I am so grateful that the Family Search and Engagement team was able to find my family after spending the first 18 years of my life believing nobody loved me," said Daniel, one of the many teens helped by this donation.

Megan, age 7, is thankful for the coat that keeps her warm because she "really didn't have any warm clothes or blankets."


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