Thankful Thursday: False alarm proves Richland Fire Department's readiness

February 28, 2013 

I am a resident of Richland, and like most people, I find that it is easier to make a criticism rather than a complimentary remark.

I wanted to address today my respect and admiration for the Richland Fire Department. We have a backyard fire pit with easy access to a water supply, and we comply with the Benton Clean Air Agency and the burn day regulations.

Within 10 minutes of starting a legal burn one recent evening, the fire department responded to a call made to our address regarding a backyard fire. They responded quickly and respectfully within minutes and fully ready to contain any disaster.

Upon arrival, they noticed our fire was small and contained. They impressed and gave me a sense of security I didn't know I needed. Wow, had this been a real emergency call their professionalism and protocol would have managed damage control beyond my expectations.

Thank you Richland Fire Department for the immediate response to each call regardless of location or emergency need. Support your local firefighters. They are on the ball even if it is on fire!


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