Thankful Thursday: Tri-City teens make impression with acts of kindness

February 28, 2013 

My compliments to students from Kamiakin High School's National Honor Society for visiting Riverton (a senior-living home) for Valentine's Day. Our 97-year-old great-grandma was delighted to tell me about the treats and prize drawing the students brought. She won a prize and was thrilled. Thank you for "paying it forward" and sharing the love.

And kudos to Richland High School Class of 2012 and its "pay it forward" project. Last spring at their graduation party, class members gathered nearly 100 pairs of "Jeans for Teens" that were donated to a local charity. Also, at the graduation party, many Richland seniors took time to serve the Arc of the Tri-Cities by assembling lei-making kits to be used during Arc's summer camps. How impressive is that? These students spent time at their own celebration to serve others.

As this year's graduation parties are being planned, I encourage all Mid-Columbia high schools to include a little "pay it forward" project at their celebrations. Just think how many other lives can be blessed by local grads. Thank you Tri-City teens for being examples of all that is good.


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