Thankful Thursday: Let terrier's disappearance be a lesson to other pet owners

February 28, 2013 

This letter is a thank you to Tri-Cities Animal Control. In October, someone came into our yard and took our beloved Maizey, a little Jack Russell terrier.

I posted pictures all over our neighborhood and to all animal care facilities and talked to anybody who may have seen her. Our neighbor, Karen, spent hours driving around looking for her when we couldn't.

Last week, I was walking past a neighbor's backyard and there she was! I called animal control and an officer came out with a microchip scanner, which indicated the dog was registered to us.

I want to thank the officer for helping us get our dog back and hope that all who have pets will get them micro-chipped. Without this little piece of plastic, we could not prove our ownership, and she would have been lost to us forever.

Thank you to all those nice people who called and went out of their way in trying to locate Maizey.

I had prayed that God would lead her to me or me to her and my prayers were surely answered.

After four long months, she is now contentedly curled up on my lap like she had never been away.


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