Letter: Use drivers license endorsements to keep guns from bad guys

February 26, 2013 

Rather than requiring law-abiding citizens to be investigated before being "allowed" to exercise a constitutional right, why not simply emboss the drivers licenses or state issued ID cards of the bad guys with the words "firearms restricted?"

It's not like government officials don't know who the bad guys are. They have a list in Washington, D.C., they use to do background checks. Gun dealers would simply note the drivers license number on the same form they use now and complete the sale. Private sellers could do the same.

All new ajudications resulting in restriction of a citizen's Second Amendment rights would include a requirement to turn in all government issued ID for embossing with the words "firearms restricted." Those already on the list would be directed to get new appropriately marked ID or face criminal prosecution. The law could be written so as to preclude prosecution of those who have not received notice or are mistakenly on the list. Those failing to get new ID or falsifying their ID with the intent to acquire firearms they are prohibited from possessing should be punished as if they were actually in possession of a firearm.


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