Letter: Kadlec Regional Medical Center's tactics disservice to community

February 25, 2013 

It is unbelievable and very obvious how threatened Kadlec's CEO and board are with Kennewick General Hospital. Threatened enough to fight them with lawsuits just so Kadlec could delay the building of KGH's new hospital.

To build a free-standing ER at Southridge and offer free ambulance rides to your hospital in hopes of swaying patients away from KGH? All three Tri-City hospitals are important to this community. They all offer something special. There are enough patients to go around.

Kadlec offers an excellent neonatal intensive care unit, so why would it choose to be so shallow and build a free-standing, unnecessary ER instead of a pediatric special care unit that this area so greatly needs? Kadlec seems the obvious choice for a much-needed pediatric unit, where children could go and stay close to home instead of having to be shipped to Spokane or Seattle.

Kadlec's aggressive, undermining "legal" bullying techniques only take away from the many great things the hospital and its staff does offer. Very very sad.


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