Letter: Writer trusts Founding Fathers' rationale for Second Amendment

February 24, 2013 

Regarding the recent letter, "Rights not limited." In response to the last paragraph: "The Second Amendment was written by men with ink on parchment, not by God's fiery finger on stone tablets." And evil people, criminals, the insane, etcetera, don't heed God's laws either.

It has been proven time and again that evildoers do not comply with laws and the government doesn't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to enforcing the myriad of gun laws that are on the books already.

Unfortunately, you can't legislate morality. Oh, and the "men" mentioned? They are more properly described as "the Founding Fathers," and I for one still trust their rationale in crafting the Constitution and the amendments therein, including the second.

JIM FICKLIN, Kennewick

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