Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Feb 20, 2013

February 20, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

CANDIDO-DIAZ -- Maria, Mattawa, boy, Feb. 12.

GOMEZ -- Lorena, Pasco, girl, Feb. 13.

JAGGAR -- Amanda and Tommy, Richland, boy, Feb. 13.

EVANS -- Kaitlin and Dustin, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 13.

DIAZ -- Rosa and Juan Ramirez, Pasco, boy, Feb. 14.

MENDOZA -- Yesenia, Pasco, girl, Feb. 14.

LATEF -- Asmaa and Hamada Sehmawy, West Richland, twin boys, Feb. 14.

OWENS -- Andrea and Kyle, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 14.

ALEXANDER -- Rachel and Roth, Pasco, girl, Feb. 14.

TRUITT -- Katrina and Brian, Pasco, girl, Feb. 14.

GUZMAN -- Jocelyn and Jose Martinez, Richland, girl, Feb. 14.

BURNHAM -- Rebecca and Evan Sullivan, Richland, boy, Feb. 15.

CRUZ -- Joanna and Robb Salazar, Richland, girl, Feb. 15.

RUTZ -- Megan and Ryan, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 15.

TAFT -- Jennifer and Buck, Pasco, girl, Feb. 16.

FERGUSON -- Samantha and Christopher Gonzales, Pasco, girl, Feb. 16.

BRYANT -- Hailey, Richland, girl, Feb. 16.

FRANKO -- Iryna and Sergei, Richland, girl, Feb. 16.

BUTTERFIELD -- Eryka, Richland, girl, Feb. 17.

ARMATROUT -- Errika and Ryan, Richland, girl, Feb. 17.

PARADA -- Mariela and David, Pasco, boy, Feb. 17.

CAMPOS -- Claudia and Jose Acevedo, Pasco, girl, Feb. 17.

ARMENTA -- Jesica and Oscar Lopez, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 17.

DEWEBER-SANCHEZ -- Cassandra and Andres Sanchez, Burbank, boy, Feb. 17.

ANDERSEN -- Maritza and Jonathan, Mesa, girl, Feb. 17.

BODEY -- Rochelle and Nathan, Burbank, boy, Feb. 18.

MEYER -- Macy and Jacob Daniels, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 18.

VICKERY -- Samantha and Michael, Richland, girl, Feb. 18.

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