Letter: Making state laws gender neutral a waste of resources

February 19, 2013 

It is apparent by this article, "State could neutralize sex across all its laws," (Herald, Feb. 4) that the state of Washington either has too much money or too many persons who do not have much to do.

The article states that the state code reviser and two attorneys have worked on changing wording and titles to nongender terms since 2008, changing words such as fisherman to fisher. I looked up the word and definition fisherman in Webster's and it reads, "A person who fishes for sport or a living." So where is the gender specific?

Come on, state government. Don't you have better things to do with our tax dollars? As a taxpayer I am concerned with this waste of our money in Olympia, especially for this type of job creation.

Just call me Johnson and I am not going to make it nongender.


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