Letter: Law enforcers are not law makers

February 19, 2013 

There have been recent articles in the news media about sheriffs in Oregon and other states who have expressed objection to proposed gun control legislation as an infringement of Second Amendment rights. What concerns me are statements that they not only feel any proposal is unconstitutional, but if it becomes the law of the land -- should the U.S. Congress adopt a measure and it is signed into law by the president -- that they would not enforce it.

I thought it's our courts that determine whether or not a new law is constitutional or not, not a sheriff making a pronouncement. Further, if these sheriffs have sworn to uphold the law, it seems to me the statements saying they would not enforce a law are contrary to their oath of office. If they are not being true to their oath of office, and uphold all the bonafide laws of the land, then perhaps they should be removed from office.


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