Letter: Editorial on McWhorter Ranch sale smacked of snide

February 18, 2013 

It was with a bit of disbelief that I read the Jan. 16 editorial on the McWhorter Ranch purchase. The piece smacked of a bit of snide that the state had not gotten the purchase of the property, and some laying on of guilt to open private property to the public.

As the editorial board has said, the view is breathtaking but we all know what opening land to the public leads to. Trash left behind, gates left open and ground destroyed.

I would challenge all of the board members to open their backyards, patios and swimming pools to the general public. Think of the liability and other challenges.

Most new businesses to our area are welcomed for their creation of taxes, payroll and spinoff development.

Perhaps the Tri-City Herald editorial board should write an editorial welcoming Gamble Land & Timber to the community and county. This company has an outstanding history of growth and citizenship in the areas they have agriculture projects.

Likewise, perhaps more time needs to be spent on opening up access to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain (if that is what the public really wants) through the already existing federal land and Arid Lands Ecology Reserve instead of pushing a private land owner to open their pristine land.



w Editor's note: The editorial this letter refers to is available online at tinyurl.com/TCH-Ranch.

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