Letter: Elected officials need to do their jobs or get new ones

February 18, 2013 

People in the middle of big cities, but really everywhere, are being killed daily by other Americans. Thousands of American men and women continue to be in harm's way protecting us. North Africa is exploding.

Our worst debt crisis continues. Millions of Americans remain unemployed. Congress and the administration are failing in their duties. Dog and pony shows of no value; such as the secretary of state testifying to Congress in what was supposed to be investigations into deaths of Americans but wasn't.

Thousands of wonderful American families are still without power and necessities after being ravaged by a terrible storm. Failure by the Senate for four years to pass a budget. Executive orders to bypass Congress, making a mockery of checks and balances.

And what does the mainstream American media report? Questions on whether a beautiful American woman singer lip synched at the inauguration; whether an excellent football player from the University of Notre Dame had a relationship with a nonexistent girl; how the Democrats want to annihilate the Republicans, how guns kill people not people kill people, how opposition to this president is not acceptable, how everything is someone else's fault, and how giving lip service to our allies is now the best policy vs. standing beside them.

Come on, Americans. We need to show our elected officials how to do their jobs or fire them.


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