Fast focus: What should we do about the farm labor shortage? Food costs money

February 17, 2013 

One of the first things that needs to change is the farmer must get the checkbook out.

Number 2: There has to be a better tracking system of the legal immigrant workers. We have more than 11 million undocumented immigrants here already. What is going to be different about the new workers who come in? If we can't find the 11 million here now, how do we find the new ones to see if they go home?

Number 3: There is no reason we do not require our home-grown labor force contribute. Those who are physically fit and on welfare can do some of this work. No work, no pay.

Now as for the farmer paying. The excuse is if they cannot get the crop in, there will be a shortage and the price will increase to the consumer. The increase is already there. The migrant worker while here receives food stamps, rental assistance, child care, medical care, free school lunches etc., etc., all paid for by the taxpayers. That means we are subsidizing the farmer for his costs. Food for thought, 80 percent of the cost of the farm bill goes to pay for food stamps, WIC, school lunch program, etc. Why is it called a farm bill?

I am not against immigration so long as it happens under the law. I do have a problem with the fact that after you come to this country illegally and hide out for a while, when you are threatened with paying the consequences, you think you are being mistreated. Come on already. You knew when you sneaked in you were breaking the law.

We must realize if we do not enforce laws regulating immigration, we are eventually going to be overrun by those who want to come here for a better life. What do we do when the U.S. is just like the countries these people come from? Where will they go then? Better question, where will we go?


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