Letter: Money wasted on Super Bowl would be better spent somewhere else

February 16, 2013 

Not a Super Bowl fan

The Super Bowl has been an American tradition for almost 50 years for risk takers and thrill seekers. On Super Bowl Sunday, the guys and their buddies get together to drink beer and rival one another.

Obama is wise to questions the safety of football. Several years ago, National Geographic ran an article stating a player receives about 500 bangs to the head during a season. This makes him equivalent to being punch drunk.

This year, I thought the half time entertainment was obscene and it is a wonder the dancing girls didn't dislocated something with their gyrations.

However, Oprah Winfrey did come through for our veterans. We wait. We hope. We pray. Our veterans are our real heroes.

Seems to me that all the money that went into advertising, salaries, media, lighting and more for the Super Bowl could be used for something better.


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