Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Feb 15, 2013

February 15, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

ESTRADA -- Claudia and Cesar Sanchez, Pasco, girl, Feb. 7.

MCKINNIS -- Andrea and Jacob, Richland, girl, Feb. 7.

ZEHNDER -- Brenda and Aaron, West Richland, boy, Feb. 7.

SANCHEZ -- Marissa, Pasco, boy, Feb. 7.

WU -- Si and Da Meng, Richland, twins, boy and girl, Feb. 7.

STOWERS -- Staci and Matt Mooers, Richland, girl, Feb. 8.

UNDERWOOD -- Amy and Colt, West Richland, boy, Feb. 8.

MARTIN -- Laura, Toppenish, boy, Feb. 8.

SMITH -- Michelle and Beau, Pasco, boy, Feb. 8.

CLARK -- Melissa and James, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 8.

RIVERA -- Guadaulupe and Edgar Morales, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 8.

MARTINEZ -- Justina and Omar Delgado, Sunnyside, girl, Feb. 8.

EMICH -- Amber and Marquise Liverpool, Pasco, boy, Jan. 17.

WHITEMARSH -- Gabriela and Eric, Pasco, girl, Feb. 9.

ROBERTS -- Kristina and Adam, Richland, girl, Feb. 9.

MADERA -- Francis, Mabton, boy, Feb. 9.

BORK -- Kendra and Caleb, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 10.

FAIRLEY -- Mia and Zach, Pasco, boy, Feb. 10.

MENDOZA -- Estela and Adrian Reynoso, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 10.

MORALES -- Candy, Pasco, girl, Feb. 11.

ARNTZEN -- Tami and Evan, Richland, boy, Feb. 11.

SOTO -- Liliana and Jose Alcantar, Pasco, boy, Feb. 11.

HOYLE -- Jessica and Joseph Mooers, Pasco, boy, Feb. 11.

MANZ -- Caitlin and David, Pasco, boy, Feb. 11.

PERRY -- Katie and Jared, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 11.

CAMPBELL-BEEMAN -- Amy and David Beeman, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 12.

VELASCO OSORIO -- Martha and Edgar Gomez, Pasco, boy, Feb. 12.

JOHNSEN -- Kylie and Brent, Pasco, twins, boy and girl, Feb. 12.

Walla Walla General Hospital

RAND -- Denise and Corey Waggoner, Walla Walla, boy, Feb. 4.

MAHURIN -- Adrienne and Wesley, Walla Walla, boy, Feb. 11.

IBARRA -- Patricia and Juan Rodriguez, Milton Freewater, boy, Feb. 11.

Kennewick General Hospital

IREY -- Ashley and Jade, Richland, boy, Feb. 11.

CHAVEZ LOPEZ -- Dalila and Jose Jabaloy Vera, Mesa, girl, Feb. 11.

FLORES -- Griscelda and Santos, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 11.

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